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i'm an opinionated twenty-something year old with a passionately loud mouth and an insurmountable adoration for media to boot. a huge part of my childhood was spent either browsing newgrounds, animating in flash, blasting the most abrasive music i could find, or pissing off people several years older than me on xbox live

traditional animation inspires me and as a result i tend to favor the early 00s and prior when it comes to watching cartoons and anime - especially in terms of coloring

my music tastes vary heavily but i've definitely got a stronger bias towards angry/angsty stuff - punk, metal, industrial - but i still dig tons of lighter pop and electronic artists too

video games are easily my most favorite entertainment medium and i love broadening my horizons by discovering and discussing obscure, innovative, and controversial titles (like skyrim, which you can see pictured above)

discourse can get a bad rap for toxicity, but arguing is fun and makes my blood flow. i love having my thoughts and ideas challenged and making others think more deeply about their own too. it's only negative if you make it so

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